Saturday, 28 November 2015

An Awakening

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone !

Mannn.. It's been quite a long time ehh ?It took me 3 YEARS to update this horrendous blog from my previous blog updates.I don't mind it because I had so much things going on in my life, too overwhelmed with things happening around.Sorry peeps! but heyy! where's my previous updates?!!  Due to it's childish content, the posts have already been deleted! I dunno but once I reread them again and again, I felt like OMG The latter  Syikin  is totally different with The Former Syikin.. in terms of whattttttt *sopranosirmdnor*, ermm okay I don't know. just forget about it. hahaha

Anyway, I've changed my blog template ahaaaa buruk gilerr kan yes it is ! I've been googling sooo many times to search for the best one and eventually ended up with headache . so I just picked any not-so-tempting- template available on my blog.* actually there will be more changes to come, just wait and see haha. poyo je.  * I pledge that I will active blogging this year. That is actually something that I had promised myself since forever? but well , there's always a start somewhere.

The reasons for my 'trying-to-make-a-comeback' blogging are inter alia as follows :

* It hit me hard when I realized that my 'procrastination' habit become worser. It is actually a nafs-satisfying things that bottled me up during this 3 months holiday* indulging in sleeping, eating too much, watching cartoons and then repeat the same episodes again and again* haha. I'm really mad. so I think I should find myself with something...good..u know like 'mature things' to indulge in hahah puihh

*Just to idle my time away with something beneficial . yeah, they say that the more u read , the more knowledge u have, and  the better u are at explaining things with a large array of words. so here I am.. staring blankly in front of my laptop.

*trying to develop my writing skills since it has already been 2 years I haven't learn English. Oh no..  hopefully my MUET result will turn out well. pray for me gaiss.

* can't tell

*can't tell

* secret 

* reasons are securely privated .haha

Anyhoo, just to make things clear though. I write because I have something to say. Things that I feel matter and I would like to voice out. Even so, my blog is not my diary. I'm not capable of posting and sharing things everyday.So pardon me if my blog may be dead for some period of time. But don't lose any sleep over it. I will update it ASAP InshaaAllah.  All I need is your patience. It is after all...a virtue. :)
Leaving you now with a piece of mind :

Everyday is a blessing. Live every second as if your last , InshaaAllah it will be of more meaning.
Life is too short. we would want to be happy in the little time we have, don't you agree ? :)

gonna explore this new bug of mine. Till then. XD

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