Sunday, 29 November 2015

Words on my lips

And so, after 36 months of semi-hiatus, I thought I have to double up my post and start typing away my thoughts . So much to share but so little headspace and time to accommodate all the trivial stuff that come through my buzzing head. I may have successfully stayed afar from Facebook but let me just say that how inflicting instagram bug is . I have sorta become a perma-fix on the IG world to the extent that I've been uploading 218 pictures altogether for about 1 year. See? How clingy I am towards this thing. Bluek.

Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

I still remember my excitement at playing so-called  "baling2 selipar" around my neighbourhood. So much fun we were having back then. Me and the rest of my siblings were the Taiko of the Taman ! haha. Without us, I simply can't imagine how silently that place would be. XD

Time flies. and the more I say it the more I am astounded at its truth. I failed to notice the little things going on around me. As I change, grew to the next age bracket, so do the people I love. My parents are getting older. My young, youthful parents are becoming older . Been together with my parents  for 19 years have shown me just how aged my parents have become, and how sometimes I am ignorant of the fact that cause me to belief that they're still healthy and that they'll always stay around, Fact is, I can't imagine otherwise.

That is why it is vital  for us for us to always show them how much we appreciate them while they are still around. Pray for them each time after solah and when they slipped on our mind. We never know when those lovely creatures will leave us. We don't know how long we can kiss their cheeks and their blessed hands, that have fed us, cared for us. They are a blessing for us. and we don't know for how long we have this blessing for. As best as we could, make an effort to keep in touch with our parents, it's not so much of buying them things, a phone call would do, or perhaps if you are dezombying yourself at home*like me*, try to actively bulldoze that zombie habit and start to be in the kitchen ! cook! let them taste your dishes. *credit to the girls out there *XD who knows, perhaps you can get an overwhelming praises from them.. tehee. *sape x suke masakan die kene puji kan kan * :3

At the end of the day, it's really about your intention and how sincere you are at making them happy and feel loved.May Allah bless my abah and mama and  your parents with good health always, and grant them Jannah for everything they've done for us. They are only human and that is, they're flawed and imperfect but i trust that they've done their best at raising us . :)

well, that is personally what I feel.

Until then.

'' We grow up thinking that our parents will never understand our struggles but the truth is that they invest their time making sure we never understand theirs'' 

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