Thursday, 3 December 2015

Future Me

Dear the adult version of me,

This is your 'last teen' of self saying, and you will be going to the next version of you..
One day , you're gonna get married. Choose carefully and wisely the one you would be spending the rest of your life with. Do not expect him to be like Edward Cullen or Tom Vladimir or whatever you might think . they are all human being , nothing perfect and yes, physical attractiveness, wealth, and status are the things that needed to be considered. but those are just  supposed to be considered , never PRIORITIZED ! what's a priority is his Iman. yeah, no one can measure iman, but you get what i mean right ? I know you do. cuz you are me and I'm you. we're just in different time frames. and Syikin, just so you know, if you want to marry the  right person, you first have to be the right one! if you want to marry a kind man. you first have to be kind okay.

hey wait a minute!
what the hell am I saying just now?
ermahged Syikin...
there's more to life than getting married and popping babies. i mean, think of all the books you could read in your spare time..think of the experiences that you can get in your uni life...joining this and that... think of the juzu' in the Quran that u have been longing to memorize...think of all the knowledge that u have it sufficient enough to guide you towards the future?  that has to take some getting used to.

and Syikin...
I hope you can achieve whatever u have wished for  in your life.
I know you want to be an ***********/*** **********.
So work for it ! you have another 5 months to complete your foundation. though u took longer than others, doesn't mean u fail or fool right?
make the best out of it ! never procrastinate never and never..
Allah has placed Al Hikmah there.
the plan is this , study really hard. get your scholarship, get the course that u want, make mom and dad proud of you, be happy and be healthy, yup be HEALTHY ! cuz without health... how are you going to develop a future you mannnnn..

I hope when I read this one day, I'd be once again, eager to finish this goal of mine.
if Allah does not will it for me to pursue this plan of mine , I will try to accept it with an open heart. InshaaAllah.

In 3:54,
And the disbelievers planned , but Allah planned. and Allah is the best of planners.

This ayah remains as one of my favourite verses in the Quran.

until then..pray for me ! :)

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