Sunday, 6 December 2015

So Far So Good

It has been about 2 months I've been potatoing at home. With..

  • No homework
  • No assignments 
  • No presentations
  • No group discussions
  • No usrah
  • No riadhah 
  • No gym
  • No consultation
  • No tutorial&quizzes
  • No buying food
  • No spending money
  • No library
  • No blackout at Mahallah
  • No netball

and so many No that Uni students not-so-keen-to-do but later on come to miss every single thing that they had back then before holiday.

well now I admit that I'm bored ! hahaha. but not really,

So many times i had the urge to go out and find a job anywhere around here , or hanging out with my primary school friends or attending cooking class *bvuur* .. but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
err okay finela to be honest, i was entangled to a korean series-that kept me busy. 20 episodes, an hour each. and even worser, i kept repeating the same episodes again and again ! That was 20hrs times infinity of my life  wasted in front of the screen lol . please don't copy me. XD

and surely i could have finished a total number of books already.
the one that has been kept for 6 years of my life in the cupboard full of cobwebs..
the one that I got from my beloved friends- tukar2 hadiah
Reader's Digest my mom subscribed every month
the recycle books that I took from my secondary school
and the book that my mom bought me sooo  long time ago and boy was I ecstatic to be able to finish it yesterday lol. Imagine how reading would actually help me during my excruciating confinement at home. everything that I miss, my friends, my catalyst, my lecturers*not so* was somehow ceased to exist through reading. It helps me to meet a new company .. a new character that i've never met before.and it also helps to reduce pain tho.XD and I am thankful for that. To finally find the cure... cure of boredomness.:)

Frankly speaking, I am not actually that kind of person who loves reading.Until this one inspiring and appealing creature, which I called 'it' Catalyst , register to my life. Transforming me to a new mature and nerdy  me *ceewah* and obviously reading has become part of my hobby.  Catalyst if you're reading this, I hope you are doing good. *wink*wink*

So for the sake of update, this should be a short post.. I'm sorry .:3
will come back blogging after my family-vacay is over! pray for our safety peeps!

until then.
addu'a biddu'a.

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